A strategy is a set of filters and signals that determine when you enter and an exit trades.

Filters determine what tokens you are willing to trade. Signals are time based triggers that indicate when you would enter or exit a trade for a specific token.

GigaSignals offers Custom and Pretrained strategies.

Custom Strategies

In a custom strategy you specify the filters and signals (and their respective values) you wish to trade. You can backtest different strategies until you find the optimal one.

For example you may specify the following Custom Strategy in GigaSignals

  • Filter 1 - Liquidity greater than 2ETH

  • Filter 2 - Taxes less than 5%

  • Entry Signal 1 - Unique Swap Count greater than 100 in 5 mins

  • Entry Signal 2 - Non-Botted Swap Count greater than 50 in 5 mins

  • Exit Smart Order - Market Cap greater than $500K

Pretrained Strategies


We realize that not all users are interested or able to select ther own custom strategy. For these users we have designed three Pretrained Strategies which we continually fine tune based on changing market conditions.


  • Low Risk, Low Returns

  • Most selective of the pretrained strategies. Enters relatively fewer trades.


  • Medium Risk, Medium Returns.


  • High Risk, High Return

  • Places the least restrictions on trades and enters trades most frequently.


  • The risk profiles of Pretrained Strategies vary, but all are risky as they involve meme coins, new launches and low MC tokens.

  • Pretrained Strategies will only be available to Tier 3 and Tier 4 GIGA holders.

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