Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gigabots?

Gigabots are powerful trading assistants that allow you to discover your own alpha and run fast, effective trading strategies on chain from the comfort of your Telegram App.

There are three Gigabots:

GigaTrader executes trades for you either manually or automatically according to the trade entry and exit conditions you specify

GigaMonitor continually monitors the block-chain looking for trading opportunities that meet your specified criteria.

GigaAnalyst lets you evaluate different entry and exit conditions so you can find winning strategies.

Whats makes Gigabots different?

While several Telegram sniping bots exist, Gigabots are the only bots that allows you to:

  • Run automated strategies

  • Specify intelligent entry and exit conditions

  • Continuously monitor the chain to identify opportunities that meet your specified conditions

  • Backtest entry and exit conditions to find winning strategies

What is the GIGA Token?

GIGA is the utility token of the Gigabots eco-system. Holders obtain access to advanced product features and new products developed by the GigaTeam.

GIGA token launches on 24/1/2024 on Uniswap V2 (Ethereum).

Contract address, liquidity pool info and tokenomics can be found here

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