Why Giga League

The On-Chain Opportunity

We believe that on-chain markets provide the ideal environment for investing and trading.

Investors benefit from on-chain transparency and have the opportunity to get in early. The innovative environment creates spectacular investor opportunities. Every day hundreds of new tokens launch, and some of them achieve 10X - 1000X returns.

Barriers to Entry

Despite the great opportunities available only on-chain, many potential investors are "locked out" of on-chain markets due to two barriers.

First Barrier: Limited Funds

There are individuals who may have the talent or are willing to put in the time to learn, yet they lack financial resources to enter into the on-chain markets. Thus their financial situation places them at a disadvantage even though they may have much potential and could grow to be great contributors to the on-chain ecosystem.

Second Barrier: Expensive Learning Curve

Learning to trade on-chain is expensive because currently the only option is to learn through losses. On-chain markets are as risky as they are potentially rewarding. However the prospect of incurring heavy losses to get through this learning curve keeps many people from entering on-chain trading in the first place.

Giga League Removes the Barriers

Giga League eliminates the above barriers to entry for investors/traders by providing a safe, risk-free playground for on-chain trading.

By offering a live simulation environment that mirrors on-chain activity in real-time, investors can now try their hand at on-chain trading without needing to have significant funds or without dealing with learning losses.

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